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The second workshop of the Cyberworlds 2007 conference will deal with

"New Advances in Shape Analysis and Geometric Modeling" (NASAGEM).


The workshop is held for the very first time. Of special interest will be contributions addressing issues related to characterizing and representing complex geometrical data and shapes by using concepts from computational and differential geometry, differential equations and computational topology.

Topics of Interest

3D data compression including data of geometric objects and voxel data, modern wavelet methods

  • The medial axis, its generalizations and applications
  • Multiscale and multi resolution geometric modeling and appropriate data structures
  • Applications of methods from computational geometry (including differential geometry) and computational topology (e.g. morse theory) on shape analysis and shape modeling
  • Applications of mathematical methods such as ordinary and partial differential equations on shape analysis and shape modeling
  • Applications of Laplace spectra for shape compression and characterization
  • Methods for analysis of dynamic volumetric and image data, based on geometrical, topological and analytical approaches, generalized to higher-dimensional data.


To find out more about the workshop, you might want to take a look at the Call for Papers and the NASAGEM 2007 Program Committee.