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Our Division

The Division of Computer Graphics was founded by Prof.  Wolter with his arrival at the University of Hannover in 1994 and was initially a part of the institute of computer science in the department of mathematics.

Several structural changes and the re-institution of faculties instead of departments at the university resulted in the division of Computer Graphics now belonging to the Institute of Man-Machine-Communication in the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Professor Wolter baptized the division "Welfenlab", since our rooms and laboratories are located at the Welfencastle, former seat of the royal family of Guelph and now the main building of the university.

In the summer term of 1995 the division started its educational services, which cover basic lectures in computer science, as well as more specialized courses in computer graphics and geometric modeling. From the first day on, research was conducted in diverse fields, such as  geometric modeling, differential geometry and the development of Virtual-Reality-systems.

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