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Got­tfried Wil­helm Leib­niz Uni­ver­sität Han­nover
In­sti­tut für Men­sch-Mas­chine-Kom­mu­nika­tion
FG Graphis­che Daten­ver­ar­beitung
Welfen­garten 1
30167 Han­nover 


Herr Prof. Dr. Wolter

Email: few(at)welfen­lab.​de
Tel.: +49 511 / 762 - 3299 

Please have a look at our Im­print. Feel free to con­tact us if you have Ques­tions or Dif­fi­cul­ties in using our web­site.


You want to visit us in Welfen Cas­tle? You're wel­come! Under the link below you find di­rec­tions to the Welfen Cas­tle, the Uni­ver­sity's main build­ing: