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High-Quality Ray Casting Methods for the Visualization of segmented medical voxel data

Maximilian M√ľller, Leibniz Universit√§t Hannover, masters thesis

Medical Imagine Techniques became very important in modern medicin.Ray Casting Picture made with YaDiV Computertomographie (CT) or Magnet-Resonanz-Tomographie (MRI) became an integral part of clincial practice. To visualize the 3D data, several direct volume rendering techniques can be used, which usually have to balance between computation speed and image quality. A first overview over direct volume rendering techniques can be found in the diploma thesis of Dominik Sarnow.

In this master thesis Maximilian M√ľller implemented a ray casting module for YaDiV ("Yet Another DIcom Viewer"). Ray casting methods are highly flexibel (early-Ray-Termination, Empty-Space-Skipping, Shadow-Maps, ...) and can produce very impressive results.

Project: YaDiV

Contact: Karl-Ingo Friese

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