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3D-Visualisierung mit Hilfe von Spiel-Engines unter Ber√ľcksichtigung erweiterter Texturierungsm√∂glichkeiten

Michael Hanel, Leibniz Universität Hannover, bachelor thesis

Nowadays, the graphical (re)presentation of several computer-based applications becomes more important, especially in the entertainment electronics sector.

With the Unreal Engine 2 and the associated application Unreal Tournament 2004, the user has the possibility to change some parameters of the engine (so called Modifications) and to create his own maps.

If we try to use the Unreal Engine 2 to visualize scientific data (e.g. a scatter-plot of a cave obtained from a laser measurement), the problem of how the data has to be formatted, so that the engine is able to read it, arises.

In this Bachelor-thesis, the approach of representing scientific data with the Unreal Engine 2 as realistic as possible is being accomplished.

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