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Modelling of realistic Blood Vessel Geometry

Sergi Lazaro, Leibniz Universität Hannover, bachelor thesis

With modern laser technology it has become possible to print living 3D organic structures like organs or muscles. Currently one of the main problems of this procedure is that the living material dies off during the printing process, therefor it becomes necessary to generate a supply.

The goal of this thesis is to analyse and construct the geometry of blood vessels. A vessel consists of an inner and outer diameter and may branch several times. A special focus will lie on the two end points, which function as input and output of the liquid supply system.

For this it is planned, to construct the basic structure as a connected graph generated by a Lindenmayer System. This graph is then understood as the medial axis of the vessel geometry. The inner and outer vessel diameter define the radius function. For the construction process, it should be possible to tweak these parameters.

Kontakt: Karl-Ingo Friese, Philipp Blanke

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