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Numerical Solvers on the Cell B.E. Processor Architectur for Haptic Applications

Maximilian Klein, Leibniz Universität Hannover, bachelor thesis

To increase overall performance, parallelisation has become more and
more important over the last years. Although current PC processors
feature  more processor cores on per chip, still the floating point
performance of the cores is not enough for complex physical simulations
at interactive framerates. Lacking such high performance CPUs, IBM has
designed a processor closing the gap for scientific applications, named
the Cell B.E. Processor. Due to its parallel architecture, it requires a
lot of programming efforts to utilise the power. This thesis took the
first steps in using this architecture in a cluster environment to
accelerate a textile simulation. The IBM featured libraries were tested
and an implementation with emphasis on reusability using the physical
simuluation framework (SOFA) was made.

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