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Conference Fee

If you plan to attend the Cyberworlds 2007, you can choose if you want to attend one of the workshops, the main conference or all three events (four days = special offer ). The schedule (at the current state of planing):

October 24 - HAPTEX '07 Workshop
October 25 - Main Conference + Dinner
October 26 - Main Conference
October 27 - NASAGEM'07 Workshop

The prices will be: 
(without conference dinner)
HAPTEX Workshop130 ‚ā¨
NASAGEM Workshop130 ‚ā¨
Main Conference (2 days)260 ‚ā¨
Full Conference 390 ‚ā¨

UPDATE: Participant Registration is now possible. Just use our electronic conference tool to log in (you can use your existing account if you already have one) and choose "Register as Participant".

28.06.07, 21:28

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