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Author Guidelines

Congratulations - your paper has been accepted and we look forward to seeing you in October! Here are the next steps.

Registration and Presentation

At least one author must have registered as a participant of the conference/workshop by July 18, for the paper to be included in the IEEE proceedings. Also at least one of the author(s) must attend the conference and present the paper. If we do not receive the conference fee in time, we can not include the paper in the conference proceedings.

If your paper has been accepted as a long paper, your presentation lasts 30 minutes in total (usually 20 minutes lecture + 10 minutes discussion). The presentation time for short papers is 20 minutes in total (usually 15 minutes lecture + 5 minutes discussion).

How to Register as a Participant?

Just use our electronic conference tool to log in (you can use your existing account if you already have one) and choose "Register as Participant", then follow the steps of the participation procedure (choose the event and method of payment, then confirm).

The schedule (at the current state of planing):

October 24 - HAPTEX '07 Workshop
October 25 - Main Conference + Dinner
October 26 - Main Conference
October 27 - NASAGEM'07 Workshop


The prices will be: 
(without conference dinner)

HAPTEX Workshop

130 €

NASAGEM Workshop

130 €

Main Conference (2 days)

260 €

Full Conference

390 €

Camera-Ready Version

Please submit your camera ready version until August 2nd. It is absolutely necessary that you follow the IEEE Author Kit, you should have received an email with the URL already.

Please carefully consider the comments provided by the reviewers and address them as much as they can in their final version of their paper. You can access all reviews using our electronic review and submission system,  just log in with the same username and password you used to submit the paper.

Thel camera-ready version of your paper must be proof-read by at least one native english speaker before beeing submitted to IEEE.

Page Limits

Cyberworlds Main Conference

CW Full Paper: 8 pages
CW Short Paper: 5 pages

HAPTEX'07 Workshop

HAPTEX Full Paper: 8 pages
HAPTEX Short Paper: 5 pages

NASAGEM'07 Workshop

NASAGEM FUll Paper: 10 pages
NASAGEM Short Paper: 5 pages