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Tuesday, 5. February

CW 2008 - Call for Papers

The Cyberworlds 2007 is history now - but the next Cyberworlds 2008 is already scheduled. This time the conference will be in Hangzou, China and the Call for Papers has started! Check out the CW 2008 web page and submit your...[more]

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Wednesday, 21. November

Conference Pictures online!

Exactly four weeks after CW 2007 started, we managed to collect and sort the many conference pictures that were sent to us. Enjoy them on our new pictures page![more]

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Monday, 29. October

The Conference is Over

The conference is over now - and our thanks goes to all participants and authors who made this event come true. Currently we are gathering the many pictures made at the Cyberworlds 2007 and prepare to publish them on this website...[more]

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Tuesday, 23. October

Last Minute Informations

For all conference participants, here are some last informations: The Conference Venue is the Leibnizhaus in Hannover. You can find it on the map we prepared for you or on google maps. Warm clothes are needed! Current...[more]

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Tuesday, 23. October

Online Registration Closed!

The online conference registration is now closed. If you have not registered yet, you can register directly at the conference desk. If your time allows it, please send us an email before, so that we can prepare a printed name...[more]

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Friday, 19. October

Meet the Authors!

Many authors who will present a paper at the Cyberworlds 2007 sent us a picture of themself. If you plan to come to Cyberworlds 2007 and want to meet someone, check them out on our program page.[more]

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Wednesday, 17. October

Register Now!

The conference will start in one week from today. If you have not already done so, now would be a good time to register for participation![more]

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Thursday, 11. October

New Sponsers

We are pleased to announce that the conference will be supported by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft) and the Freundeskreis der Universität Hannover e.V.[more]

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Tuesday, 9. October

Dinner + Cultural Event

As a special event for the conference participants, we will visit the "New Town Hall" of Hannover. The tour will start one hour after the official conference program on October 25 at 18:30. It is free for all conference...[more]

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Wednesday, 26. September

Invited Speakers II

We are pleased to anounce that Marc Ernst from the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen, will speak about "Getting in Touch with Multisensory Perception" on the HAPTEX Workshop, October 24. The invited...[more]

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Wednesday, 1. August

Preliminary Conference Program available

The preliminary conference program is now online and can be found on the Conference Program Page. P.S.: For our authors: please send us an email if you discover that your (accepted) paper has not been listened yet.[more]

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Monday, 16. July

Invited Speakers

We are pleased to anounce two invited speakers: Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann from the MIRALab, (Switzerland) will hold a lecture on the Cyberworlds 2007 Main Conference  about "Visual and Haptics interface for hair and...[more]

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Wednesday, 11. July

List of Accepted Papers available

To help you making the decision of attending the main conference or one of the workshops, we published a list of accepted papers on the Papers page.  Please note that this list is still incomplete, since the status of a...[more]

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Tuesday, 10. July

Author Guide Available

If you are an author of a paper that has been accepted for the Cyberworlds 2007 Main Conference or one of the two workshops, you should take a look at our author guidelines.[more]

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Thursday, 28. June

Conference Fee

If you plan to attend the Cyberworlds 2007, you can choose if you want to attend one of the workshops, the main conference or all three events (four days = special offer ). The schedule (at the current state of planing): October...[more]

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Monday, 25. June

Review Phase is Over!

The official review phase is over today - thank you to all reviewers! We started to inform the first authors but please note that we are still missing a few reviews, so sadly we can not inform all authors yet. In any...[more]

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Sunday, 10. June

Conference Fee

Some authors asked about the conference fee. Former Cyberworlds conferences charged between 300-400 Euro for the full conference. We are not done with the final calculation yet, but do not plan to be more expensive. The final...[more]

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Thursday, 31. May

Reviewing Phase has started

We have received papers from 26 countries - thank you to all authors!  The submission phase is now over and the first reviews have been assigned. Papers marked for early review are expected to be finished next week. Find...[more]

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Monday, 28. May

Webserver was down

Due to a hardware problem, our webserver was down twice for several hours in the last two days. We are sorry for any inconveniences. UPDATE: The problem is solved now - a defect processor fan caused unexpected heat. As far as we...[more]

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Monday, 21. May

Minister for Science and Culture becomes Patron

We are pleased to anounce that the Cyberworlds 2007 will be organised under the auspices of the Minister for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, Lutz Stratmann.[more]

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Friday, 18. May

One Week until Final Deadline

This is just a friendly reminder that the submission phase ends at May 25. If you plan to submit a paper, please consider registering at our electronic submission system so that we can stay in contact with you.[more]

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Friday, 27. April

Good News for Authors: Deadlines extended untill May 25

After many requests from authors and because of the long public holiday "Golden Week" in many Asian countries, the submission deadline has been extended to May 25 (for the main conference and both workshops). Notice that this...[more]

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Thursday, 19. April

AIM@SHAPE Summer School

If you are interested in the NASAGEM 2007 Workshop, we would like to draw your attention to another interesting event this year: the AIM@SHAPE Summer School, June 18-22, organized and hosted by the Department of Computer...[more]

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Tuesday, 10. April

Online Registration & Paper Submission

For the authors: Please use our online registration system to submit your papers and do not send them via email. If you experience any problems with the registration page, please let us know![more]

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Monday, 5. March

Who is Who

Have you always been curious how our conference and workshop chairs look like? Short biographies (including pictures!) of all chairs are now available on the Who is Who page.[more]

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Friday, 2. February

Logos & Media Page online

Did you always want to place a link to our site? Or download our conference poster? Now you can: our "Logo & Media" page has just been added. See Support -> Logo & Media (or click on the link).[more]

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Monday, 22. January

Workshop: "New Advances in Shape Analysis and Geometric Modeling"

We are currently planning a second workshop. Title: "New Advances in Shape Analysis and Geometric Modeling", nickname NASAGEM. It will be held either as a parallel session on friday or we will extend the conference to...[more]

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Friday, 19. January

Call for Papers started

The Call For Papers has been sent out! Find further information at the Cyberworlds 2007 Call for Papers and the HAPTEX 07 Call for Papers. The online registration pages will follow soon![more]

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Friday, 12. January

Program Committees of CW 2007 and HAPTEX 07

While we are still waiting for some responses, the program committees of Cyberworlds 2007 and the HAPTEX'07 are being formed. Click on the links in this news to see the current committee feedback status![more]

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Friday, 15. December

Cyberworlds Web Page Online

The cyberworlds web page is online in a first version. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions, we would be happy to receive your feedback. More content will be added soon![more]

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