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Conference Program

Below is the current status of the conference program. A highlighted name indicates that this person will present the paper at the conference, move your mouse over the name to see a picture of the speaker. You can also click on the title of a lecture to read its abstract.

Wednesday, October 24 - HAPTEX'07 Workshop

8:00 Reception
8:30 Opening
Session 1
Chair: Franz-Erich Wolter
Marco Fontana, Simone Marcheschi, Federico Tarri, Fabio Salsedo, Massimo Bergamasco, Dennis Allerkamp, Guido Böttcher, Franz-Erich Wolter, Alan C. Brady, Jianguo Qu and Ian R. Summers
Christiane Luible, Minna Varheenmaa, Harriet Meinander and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Guido Böttcher, Dennis Allerkamp and Franz-Erich Wolter
10:10 Coffee Break
Session 2
Chair: Franz-Erich Wolter
Pascal Volino and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
12:10 Lunch
Session 3
Chair: Ian Summers
Niklas Peinecke, Dennis Allerkamp and Franz-Erich Wolter
Franziska Freyberger and Martin Kuschel
Nicolas Fauvet, Mehdi Ammi, Patrick Bourdot
15:00 Coffee Break
Session 4
Chair: Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Cédric Syllebranque, Samuel Boivin, Christian Duriez and Christophe Chaillou
Renaud Ott, Vincent De Perrot, Daniel Thalmann and Frederic Vexo
Jun Murayama, Hiromi Shimizu, Chang S. Nam, Hiroko Satoh and Makoto Sato
17:00 Closing
17:10 End

Thursday, October 25 - Main Conference Day 1

During the main conference days (October 25+26), Bitmanagement will show a really nice demonstration of BS Collaborate (MU), COLLADA and Physics-Support, which can be seen during all coffee breaks.

8:00 Reception
8:30 Opening
Klaus Hulek, Vice president for research of the Leibniz Universität Hannover
Invited Lecture
9:30 Coffee Break
Session 1: Cyber Engineering
Chair: Udo Nackenhorst
Nicolas Marion, Cyril Septseault, Alexandre Boudinot and Ronan Querrec
Andre Stork, Clemens-August Thole, Stanislav Klimenko, Igor Nikitin, Lialia Nikitina and Yuri Astakhov
Matthias Becker
Natalya V. Sveshnikova and Dmitry V. Yurin
Jan Linxweiler, Jonas Tölke and Manfred Krafczyk
12:00 Lunch
Session 2a: Data Management and Artificial Intelligence
Chair: Alexei Sourin
Steffen Brasch, Lars Linsen and Georg Fuellen
Olga Sourina, Dongquan Liu and Gleb V. Nosovskiy
Lei Xu and Baowen Xu
Ray Jarvis, Nghia Ho, Julian Byrne Real
Session 2b: Cyber Ethics + Cyber Security

Chair: Stanislav Klimenko
Jau-Hwang Wang, Hong-Ming Lin, Pin-Shan Lin and Wayne Chang
Yuseung Sohn, Gunnar Wallmann and Miguel Fernandes
14:50 Coffee Break
Session 3: Cyber Information Systems
Chair: Alexei Sourin
Tansu Alpcan, Christian Bauckhage and Evangelos Kotsovinos
Kenji Ohmori and Tosiyasu L. Kunii
Toshio Kodama, Tosiyasu L. Kunii and Yoichi Seki
NEW: "MultiUser World based on ISO Standard VRML/X3D technologies - Approach and Showcase"
Peter Schickel and Alexander Koerfer
Yuka Obu, Mizuaki Yamamoto, Tatsuhiro Yonekura, Masaru Kamada and Shusuke Okamoto
17:30 End

Cultural Event
As a special event for the conference participants, we will visit the "New Town Hall" of Hannover (in fact it was build in 1913). One highlight of this tour will be the wonderful view from the roof, reached by Europe's only diagonal dome lift.
Conference Dinner
The Conference Dinner will take place in the "Restaurant am Leineschloss" and is not included in the conference fee. It can be booked at the reception for an additional EUR 35,- (drinks included).

Friday, October 26 - Main Conference Day 2

8:00 Reception
Session 4: Virtual Humans
Chair: Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Johannes Saam, Jon Macey and Jian J Zhang
Francisco Grimaldo, Miguel Lozano, Fernando Barber and Guillermo Vigueras
Fiorenzo Morini, Barbara Yersin, Jonathan Maïm and Daniel Thalmann
Murat Haciomeroglu, Robert Laycock and Andy Day
Mustafa Kasap and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
11:00 Coffee Break
Invited Lecture:
12:05 Lunch
Session 5a: Network + Distributed Virtual Environments
Chair: Kenji Ohmori
Silvia Rueda, Pedro Morillo and Juan M. Orduña
Souad El Merhebi, Patrice Torguet, Jean-Pierre Jessel and Jean-Christophe Hoelt
Kazufumi Osato
Francisco Morán Burgos, Marius Preda, Gauthier Lafruit, Paulo Villegas and Robert-Paul Berretty
Shunsuke Mogaki, Masaru Kamada and Tatsuhiro Yonekura
Session 5b: Virtual Reality + Human Interaction

Chair: Olga Sourina
Iván Piza, Félix Ramos and Fabiel Zúñiga
Lei Wei, Alexei Sourin and Olga Sourina
Dmitriy B. Volegov and Dmitry V. Yurin
Jesús Ibáñez, Carlos Delgado and Felipe Gómez
15:25 Coffee Break
Session 6: Visualization
Chair: Franz-Erich Wolter
Shuhong Xu, Yu Zhang and Chye Kiang Heng
Alexis Andre, Suguru Saito and Masayuki Nakajima
Ugo Barchetti, Alberto Bucciero, Luca Mainetti and Stefano Santo Sabato
16:50 Closing
17:00 End

Saturday, October 27 - NASAGEM'07 Workshop

8:00 Reception
8:30 Opening
Session 1
Chair: Franz-Erich Wolter
Tamal K. Dey, Kuiyu Li and Jian Sun
10:00 Coffee Break
Session 2
Chair: Herbert Edelsbrunner
Marco Attene, Massimo Ferri and Daniela Giorgi
Henning Naß, Franz-Erich Wolter, Hannes Thielhelm and Cem Dogan
Henning Naß, Franz-Erich Wolter, Cem Dogan, Hannes Thielhelm
Philipp Blanke and Franz-Erich Wolter
12:20 Lunch
Session 3
Chair: Stanislav Klimenko
Ee Hui Lim and David Suter
Niklas Peinecke and Franz-Erich Wolter
Martin Reuter, Marc Niethammer, Franz-Erich Wolter, Sylvain Bouix and Martha Shenton
Marco Attene, Francesco Robbiano, Michela Spagnuolo and Bianca Falcidieno
15:10 Coffee Break
Session 4
Chair: Franz-Erich Wolter
Rachida Amjoun and Wolfgang Straßer
Qin Zhang, Guoliang Xu and Jie Sun
Polychronis Manousopoulos, Vassileios Drakopoulos, Theoharis Theoharis and Pavlos Stavrou
Ulrich Bauer and Konrad Polthier
17:30 Closing
17:40 End